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Even though it might not seem like it on first sight: this site is active! We are a small multi universe community where every member can role play their character(s) in complete freedom. You can play any character on any board/world. There are no fixed site plots, only those created by members on the various boards. You are free to come and go as you please (although we prefer you let us know so people won't wait for replies). Feel free to register with a main account and chat with us or contact members for plots or to work out any idea(s) you might have. Questions? Feel free to PM one of our admins who will try and help you the best we can.

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 Consensus, read before playing
 Posted: 02 Oct 14, 12:02


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rules and guidelines
Please read our consensus before you start playing on our rpg to make sure everyone's on the same page when it comes to the site's guidelines.

i. atmosphereKeep any bullying or other misconducts off the boards. And if it does occus, please do not take other members down with you. With any serious misconducts contact the management so we can block or ban this person from the site. The management will, however, not fight your battles for you.

ii. maturityPut the maturity tag [M] in your thread title if you venture to the mature side of the world, such as sexual acts, gore, horror or anything else a minor could be shocked by. We also DO NOT allow minor characters (below 18 years old) to be involved in any [M] threads. If you see anything way off bounds, please contact the management. We strive to be a mature site yet this does not mean we run a porn or horror site. When we feel your thread is 'too much', even with a [M] tag, we will close the thread.

iii. postingOn the account of posting we barely have any rules. You can post with any character on any board and with any other character. We run a site on which everyone can play their characters in total freedom, so please, take it! As for posts themselves, we don't have a word count and you are even allowed to post rapid fire (short sentences to keep the pace up). However, if you role play with someone who writes 1000+ posts, please to not reply with a minor post but try to adjust yourself to the other person to prevent irritations on this part. You can use your own html/bbc codes and sheets for posting or use our defaults. For more information see 'Graphics'.

iv. accountsFor each character you need to make a new forum account. You also need a parent, or OOC, account. This account will be your command center, linked to all of your characters and it's where you'll receive important messages from the admins. You can link your character accounts to your parent account through 'My Controls > Personal Profile - Edit sub-accounts' (when on your parent account).

v. activityWe have no rules about activity and/or deleting characters if you are not active. As said before, we run a free for all site. An occasional activity check might be installed when the board gets too cluttered, yet we will email members when this is the case. If you are leaving for a while (short of long period) you can let people know on the OOC board so members know why you aren't replying to posts.

vi. GraphicsImages and coding makes everything more pretty yet please don't overdo it. No glitter, flickering, neon tables or anything else that makes our eyes bleed. You can also use our default templates (some super easy BBCode) which you can find in the 'posting information'. Images/sheets in posts can be max 500 pixels wide. Your signature shouldn't be higher than 100-200 pixels to prevent excess scrolling. Your avatar should be 250 pixels wide by 400 px high. The mini image/gif in the mini profile is 200 px wide by 140 px high (image will auto resize). Your personal photo should be 600 pixels wide and max 600 pixels high. As for the images of your character, you can use face claims (ONLY models/musicians/actors, no facebook/tumblr personalities) or simply describe your character and use random images, cartoons, etc.

vii. LanguageOn this board we will converse in English (as you could have guessed). However, if you find someone who speaks you own native language or a language you know you are allowed to post in this language on the role playing boards. On the OOC boards, including plotting etc, everyone should converse in English. Exceptions are chat topics specifically for a certain language. Swearing in any of these languages is not allowed, naturally. Characters are allowed to swear but never with anything that might harm another members (diseases, etc).
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