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Even though it might not seem like it on first sight: this site is active! We are a small multi universe community where every member can role play their character(s) in complete freedom. You can play any character on any board/world. There are no fixed site plots, only those created by members on the various boards. You are free to come and go as you please (although we prefer you let us know so people won't wait for replies). Feel free to register with a main account and chat with us or contact members for plots or to work out any idea(s) you might have. Questions? Feel free to PM one of our admins who will try and help you the best we can.

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 Site information, the basics
 Posted: 03 Oct 14, 11:03


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site information
A large part of Chewing on Pearls has to do with general exploration of your characters and how they will react in any situation. What better way is there to figure that out than by hurling them into deep space, or into an epic battle with Superman? Dress them up and push them out onto the grand ballrooms of the Victorian era. Cowboys, aliens, dreams – alternate universes are at the heart of this site. Any character made on this board can thus be played in any universe the player wants. You can create a a character for this one board or you can drop your character on all the boards, whatever you as the player wishes.

Besides placing your character into an existing universe you can also create your own world within our boards. You can go to the builder board and propose an idea for a new world board if you don't see one you are completely in love with. This can be literally anything you want! Once it's created you'll be in charge of moderating it and keeping it how you like it. You technically don't even have to play an active character in your board to keep it going or create it. Everything on COP is made to give the members freedom and creating and developing their characters. So, whatever it is you do on this site, be sure to have fun doing it!
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