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Even though it might not seem like it on first sight: this site is active! We are a small multi universe community where every member can role play their character(s) in complete freedom. You can play any character on any board/world. There are no fixed site plots, only those created by members on the various boards. You are free to come and go as you please (although we prefer you let us know so people won't wait for replies). Feel free to register with a main account and chat with us or contact members for plots or to work out any idea(s) you might have. Questions? Feel free to PM one of our admins who will try and help you the best we can.

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 Role playing boards, categories info
 Posted: 17 Oct 14, 06:45


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Current posting boards info
On this site we have a large assortment of role playing boards you can place your character in. These boards are divided into categories to make it easier to keep an overview of what we have. In this thread you will find a short description of what is located (and what you 'should' play) in these categories.

Feel free to write your character into any existing universe and see how it would cope with the problems and joys the different universes bring your character. However, the universes on this site are separated and whatever happens in one universe is not connected to another. You can (re-)write you character for a certain universe and play the character in multiple universes, but the character can't go 'universe hopping' and be in space the one day and in the middle ages the next. They are alternate universes: they exist at the same time parallel to each other and their paths won't cross. This way you can play the same character in different settings/worlds.

You can, of course, take something you played in the one universe and incorporate it into the character's general back story or personality and also use it in another universe because you liked the plot idea. You can play your character in as much or as few universes as you wish. In your application you can list your characters current universes. Also, if you miss a universe you can request it with one of the admins. You can even open and manage your own world through there

Real lifeIn this category you will find boards where you can play human beings in 'the real world'. It holds boards about all different kind of time periods (ancient to future), some general times periods and some specific parts of history (or modern life). You do not have to follow history exactly, yet this is not the place to go if you want to play mythical creatures or go about with magic and fictional aspects. This is 'life as we know it'.

FantasyIn this category you can find boards where you can play mythical creatures and drown yourself in everything magic and surreal. You can enter the biblical world of angels and demons or play a vampire killer. This category is also home to any original fantasy settings. These boards are generally created by members and have a specific setting and/or plot. The creator of these boards can decide for themselves what is and isn't 'allowed' in their world and what kind of fantasy their board contains.

AdaptationsOur final category is a compilation of any world that is based on something else that already existed, such as a book, film or television show. These adaptations could potentially be placed in either the 'real life' or 'fantasy' category but because it is not your original concept it should be located in the 'adaptations' category. You can be as vague or specific when playing in this board; if there's a certain character in the adaptation you wish to play, go ahead. You can also use the adaptation board as merely a setting for you own original character(s).
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