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Sengir Ebanum

Sengir Ebanum
11 February 2015
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Sengir is Mar's oldest son, mother is of course Satine. Since Mar and Satine are both fire-benders, it's not surprising that Sengir inherited some form of those powers. Only Sengir's specialty is smoke. He can disappear into a smokescreen of black clouds and dust and breathe smoke without a problem. For that reason I often imagine him in human form as a chain smoker because he can do it and it doesn't hurt his lungs in the slightest. In horse form it translate to a kind of dragony fire breathing horse type of thing. The sparkles all over his coat are actually cinders that glow when he's heating up.

Personality wise, Sengir is not as much of a goody good as his father. He's a moody, spoiled prince who enjoys mischief and feels like he will probably never live up to his father's name so why bother trying. He skips his lessons all the time, dashes out into the city with his best friend, and hits up the girls whenever he is bored. He doesn't care much for emotional depth, is highly secretive, and good at manipulating situations to his favor - and for that reason he is often viewed as the bad boy that most girls wind up falling for at one point or another. Since Satine used to work at a brothel, perfect and I even discussed him possibly learning the tools and tricks of seduction from her at some point as well, but that's not as set in stone. Just know he is inherently desirable and girls can't help but feel naturally attracted to him without explanation. x'D

His aesthetic would be more dark, clouds, smoke and ash, like the aftermath of a fire really. Dark streets at night, mischievous eyes, dusky settings. He's like the bad Friday night you go out and get drunk to and wind up the next morning thinking 'what the heck did I just do.'

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