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 Glyndwr, Dryden S.
Dryden S. Glyndwr
 Posted: 18 Jul 15, 22:31


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Dryden Selwyn Glyndwr
  • male
  • twenty-six
  • december 17
  • dryden
  • the anti-hero
  • ---
  • gaspard menier
  • quiet
  • impulsive

summary Heroes don't exist. And if they did, I wouldn't be one of them.

A peasant in a princes position. He was found by the queen, deserted in the streets, and raised in the palace he calls home. He was treated as family, though not publicly, and he was grateful for every gift cast upon him. He was just another boy in the palace, he went to school, he grew up amongst the commoners for the most part. He even began an apprenticeship as a blacksmith, and met a girl. He fell in love and he was utterly elated. Through it all, the loving eye of his adopted family was close and supporting. However, it was not until his step-brother had fallen ill that he was thrust into royalty. His regular schedule came to a jarring halt as he was given the burden and the great gratuity. Though the greatest expense was the loss of his love.

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