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#2823 Shouted By: alimarije
09 May 18, 00:59
I minimalised the site by making just one writing board, all old threads have been moved. If you want your thread to be put back in active let me know.

#2822 Shouted By: lauren
10 Nov 17, 23:47
hihi, I replied to the maddie drabble, ali! dunno if we still wanted to do it or not, but it was fun.

#2821 Shouted By: lauren
08 Nov 17, 15:33
Ali already saw her reply, but NICKY! Flight reply!

#2820 Shouted By: alimarije
30 Jul 17, 01:58
ALSO Lisanne I loved your reply! Going to have fun with those two.

#2819 Shouted By: alimarije
28 Jul 17, 14:11
all accounts have been put in the right member group!

#2818 Shouted By: alimarije
28 Jul 17, 14:07

#2817 Shouted By: Lisanne
26 Jul 17, 16:38
I replied to Elaphaea!

#2816 Shouted By: lauren
25 Jul 17, 23:36
did a Buria reply, kinda short but hopefully not awful

#2815 Shouted By: alimarije
11 Jul 17, 01:29

#2814 Shouted By: ELEGANT
10 Jul 17, 16:54
there we go

#2813 Shouted By: Belladonna Estrange
10 Jul 17, 16:54
as bella i guess lmao

#2812 Shouted By: Belladonna Estrange
10 Jul 17, 16:54
oooo i need to write STUFF

#2811 Shouted By: Lisanne
04 Jul 17, 17:37
Ragnar is going to be fooled so hard ghehe xD

#2810 Shouted By: Lisanne
04 Jul 17, 17:36
yes, i read it. i love your reply <3 i'll probably reply back sometime this week ;D

#2809 Shouted By: alimarije
03 Jul 17, 06:25

#2808 Shouted By: Lisanne
27 Jun 17, 15:09
haha take your time

#2807 Shouted By: alimarije
27 Jun 17, 14:45
it might take me some time, fyi haha

#2806 Shouted By: Lisanne
27 Jun 17, 14:39
Yay, I'm looking forward to your reply c:

#2805 Shouted By: alimarije
27 Jun 17, 14:23
WOOT, going to read the thread, will reply asap!

#2804 Shouted By: Lisanne
26 Jun 17, 09:52
Yay, I'll open a thread somewhere tonight or tomorrow ;D

#2803 Shouted By: alimarije
26 Jun 17, 02:05
I don't mind, feel free to open a thread for me (english or dutch) and send me a message with the link. And then I'll figure out who fits best to answer with :D

#2802 Shouted By: lauren
25 Jun 17, 22:49
But definitely thread with ali if you can, she's an amazing writer. <3

#2801 Shouted By: lauren
25 Jun 17, 22:49
I'm going to continue with the threads/drabbles I have going as I can, because I love them, but other than that I can't start any new threads now due to personal stuff going on in my life. :c

#2800 Shouted By: Lisanne
23 Jun 17, 09:26
I've other characters who are in need of some drabbles as well, so if you rather prefer one of them, I'm happy to rp with one of them as well :)

#2799 Shouted By: Lisanne
23 Jun 17, 09:25
As of now he's active in fair is foul, but I can play him in other similiar medieval/renaissance verses as well, since he likes to travel a lot.

#2798 Shouted By: alimarije
22 Jun 17, 23:30
'm a real slowpoke.

#2797 Shouted By: alimarije
22 Jun 17, 23:30
sure, what kind of universe is he in? My Elaphaea could work? But I

#2796 Shouted By: Lisanne
22 Jun 17, 16:30
Is anyone interested in a drabble with Vestyn?

#2795 Shouted By: alimarije
21 Jun 17, 02:52

#2794 Shouted By: Suzerain
20 Jun 17, 02:42
-sneaks in-

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