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 Ellen's wanted bin, all the lovely peeps
 Posted: 31 Oct 14, 07:12

"alrighty chaps"

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The characters in this thread are not ones that I need right away but they are ideas that could benefit my characters and what I can do with them. So, if you read something here let me know so we can work out something that's nice and fun for the both of us!

Big brother love
for talissa miretto / lost brother / about 23-25 years old

So, first off I have the big brother for my girl Talissa. He is about 6-8 years older than Talissa (who is now 17, so he is now max 25 but this can be tweaked a bit) and when she was little she admired him. When Talissa was just a little girl (5-6 yo) she and her brother lost their parents quite brutally (reason depends on the universe and we can get creative there: car accident, attacked by pirates, the fire nation attacked, ..) and then got transferred to their uncle's residence who became their legal guardian. They had a nice life there but the uncle runs some sort of shady business and as Brother became a bit older (say, 15-16) the uncle tried to take him as his apprentice. I imagined Brother to be like my Talissa: internally honest and trying to be a good person and this of course doesn't combine well with knowing you're doing bad things.

This, along with some teenage hormones made Brother leave the residence, never to return. Whatever Uncle made Brother do is up to you, but it made him angry and frustrated enough to leave. With leaving he left the then 8-10 year old Talissa (why he didn't take her is up to you, although he might think she was safer and Uncle wouldn't treat her the same way), something she was very confused and angry about. Especially when their aunt died and Talissa was left alone with Uncle. If you've ever seen Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events you get my vibe. Knowing no other life or parental figure Talissa grew up with her Uncle, who's business grew and who made Talissa help with of the administration when she got older. It was then she started to realize why her brother had left all those years ago since she then began to understand what her Uncle really was up to.

She now feels guilty that she hated her brother for leaving since she now ~gets it but she is also still mad and sad that he never took her with him or came for her to save her. It's all very frustrating and I think it would be so lovely for her to encounter her brother again at one point. She probably still loves him as she remembers him as the big strong brother she last saw almost ten years ago but of course, things have changed. She has changed at least YET it is up to the player what Brother has been up to. What he's like now and how he feels about his sister, etc etc. I'd looove to discuss these things with whomever wants to take him because I think this genuinely could be fun. As for the face claim I keep imagining Eddie Redmayne but you can change it (let me know).

Pleaaaase consider taking him and ask me anything you want/need to know! Feel free to answer to this thread or PM my parent account. You can btw play him in any universe since that's what I'll be doing with Talissa. The main relationship and events things we should set but we can tweak a lot a details to whatever universe they're in.

bbies everywhere
for Aston Bowes / lost?/loved?/hated???? children / bad parenting ahead

Well, as the title states this box is about Aston's children (plural, or single, tba). The image because the stork brings children don't argue with me. I imagine Aston to be a real charmer and where you charm the ladies, well, sometimes it might go a little differently than you might have hoped for. That's why, in my imagination, I figured Aston might have some/a kid walking around. I don't have any set ideas on what I might want for this but this is more a "if you have a fun idea about this let me know". Aston is currently 44 years old so he may potentially have a kid that's 25 years old (or even older if we're talking teen pregnancies) but younger kids could also be a possibility. I don't imagine him to be a great parent or family man so if you do want to play his kid, be sure to encounter sadness and daddy issues. Sorry. Not sorry.

I was thinking about some possibilies. A one night stand got knocked up and kid does/doesn't know who his father is. This might result in a kid trying to find its dad or Aston knowing the kid but wanting nothing to do with it OR he does and they are close/getting close, orrr another outcome. This the player of the kid can figure out what he/she wants and we can talk it through. This next one we def need to discuss since it would be a major thing in Aston's life: Aston had a proper relationship with a woman but they split up/she died/whatever and this relationship resulted in a kid. Here it's also possible that Aston doesn't know the kid exists BUT I think that if we do such a plot he would definitely be more interested in the child if he/she was from a woman he loved (he's not all bad and ice queen-y). I am very open to both of these possibilities but we reaally need to discuss it all. I'm also not going to give him 10+ kids or something so yeah, we'll see how it goes.

As for face claims for adult kid I was thinking Aneurin Barnard (love his face), Iwan Rheon (they can be Ramsey and Roose Bolton! "You're no Bolton you're a Snow"), and for a girl Hailee Steinfeld but you can choose whatever as long as it makes some sense.

Feel free to answer to this thread or PM my parent account. You can btw play him in any universe since that's what I'll be doing with Aston. He can even have different kids in different universes as I'll probably be giving him different positions/lives in certain universes.
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