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Even though it might not seem like it on first sight: this site is active! We are a small multi universe community where every member can role play their character(s) in complete freedom. You can play any character on any board/world. There are no fixed site plots, only those created by members on the various boards. You are free to come and go as you please (although we prefer you let us know so people won't wait for replies). Feel free to register with a main account and chat with us or contact members for plots or to work out any idea(s) you might have. Questions? Feel free to PM one of our admins who will try and help you the best we can.

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#2800 Shouted By: Lisanne
23 Jun 17, 09:26
I've other characters who are in need of some drabbles as well, so if you rather prefer one of them, I'm happy to rp with one of them as well :)

#2799 Shouted By: Lisanne
23 Jun 17, 09:25
As of now he's active in fair is foul, but I can play him in other similiar medieval/renaissance verses as well, since he likes to travel a lot.

#2798 Shouted By: alimarije
22 Jun 17, 23:30
'm a real slowpoke.

#2797 Shouted By: alimarije
22 Jun 17, 23:30
sure, what kind of universe is he in? My Elaphaea could work? But I

#2796 Shouted By: Lisanne
22 Jun 17, 16:30
Is anyone interested in a drabble with Vestyn?

#2795 Shouted By: alimarije
21 Jun 17, 02:52

#2794 Shouted By: Suzerain
20 Jun 17, 02:42
-sneaks in-

#2793 Shouted By: ELEGANT
20 Jun 17, 02:22

#2792 Shouted By: alimarije
09 Jun 17, 15:55
please someone, inspire me with a reply, muse is down

#2791 Shouted By: lauren
08 Jun 17, 20:05

#2790 Shouted By: Nicky
07 Jun 17, 13:02
lauren, I got something, but I need to clean it up first, but my head is messy, so you will have to wait a bit longer, sorry <3 I am really enjoying the pin board thou

#2789 Shouted By: alimarije
07 Jun 17, 03:59
all FC's and member group changes have been updated!

#2788 Shouted By: lauren
05 Jun 17, 14:25
and no worries, Josie! saw your reply in the thread about being busy, so you can reply to my note whenever you have time. :)

#2787 Shouted By: lauren
05 Jun 17, 14:24
that's kind of awesome how that works though <3<3

#2786 Shouted By: josie
05 Jun 17, 08:05
sorry i've been mia, work got kinda busy o.O

#2785 Shouted By: alimarije
04 Jun 17, 14:17
I always fall back in love with my chars because I take so long to reply LMAO

#2784 Shouted By: lauren
03 Jun 17, 15:20
I'm being so slow about it...sorry :<

#2783 Shouted By: alimarije
03 Jun 17, 10:25
I hope to do another one within three days LMAO

#2782 Shouted By: lauren
03 Jun 17, 09:51
VOUHHHHHH ah<3<3<3

#2781 Shouted By: lauren
03 Jun 17, 09:44
do ittttt

#2780 Shouted By: Nicky
03 Jun 17, 03:01
@lauren, your pinterest board makes me want to reply to Brim. <3

#2779 Shouted By: lauren
23 May 17, 19:48
I have to get more done soon T_T

#2778 Shouted By: josie
21 May 17, 18:00
gotta love that feeling <3

#2777 Shouted By: alimarije
21 May 17, 14:39

#2776 Shouted By: lauren
17 May 17, 13:50
Excited to see you around, always welcoming new faces! <3

#2775 Shouted By: josie
17 May 17, 08:29
<3 love the idea of this place. can't wait to dive in and plot with you all x3

#2774 Shouted By: lauren
17 May 17, 07:12

#2773 Shouted By: Darkrise
17 May 17, 05:49
hello c:

#2772 Shouted By: josie
16 May 17, 18:35

#2771 Shouted By: lauren
28 Apr 17, 12:48
HIIIIIiiiiii WELCOME!! <3<3

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