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“We loved each other with a premature love, marked by a fierceness that so often destroys adult lives.”

A lass of fire and spirit, an entrepreneur of her own making and a woman child who does not quite understand her own heart's desires.

Born Wellasandra Viktoria Pelham, her family was of moderate nobility. They were not quite to the highest reaches of society, and yet she had never wanted for anything. The silver spoon was firmly in her mouth from the moment she took her first breath, and she was spoiled rotten by the lavish attention shown to her by her parents and even her siblings.

She was still very much a child when her hand in marriage was promised to a man much older than she, one who could have very easily been her father. Yet it was common enough, and he was of enough wealth to be considered a step up for her family. Wellsie, however, would never forgive her family for selling her away to some strange man of wealth, in a distant place far from the controlling hands of the Pelhams. It would also work into her favor that he had little care for what she did -- so long as she was pretty enough for him.

When Wellsie was sixteen, her husband died unexpectedly of a sudden illness -- but not before she had wormed her way into his heart and into his will. He left her everything, to the anger of his adult children and a previous wife -- but she was a child who knew nothing about running a household...And that was when he appeared. Damien. The ruffian was smooth and convincing, coercing Wellsie into something resembling a relationship. Or so she thought.

He was the original teacher.

When Wellsie discovered that Damien was not as faithful to her as he pretending to be, it outraged her. And she set out to learn his game, and outplay him at it. Soon enough, pupil became master -- and Lolita was born. Lolita was her identity in the game of adultery and sin, and she wielded it like a dagger.
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Nicknames loli, lita
Age 18
Birthday No Information
Gender Female
Occupation/title entrepreneur
Relationships lover of marcellus
Current universes the realm of uropa
Face-claim none
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Played by josie
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