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Even though it might not seem like it on first sight: this site is active! We are a small multi universe community where every member can role play their character(s) in complete freedom. You can play any character on any board/world. There are no fixed site plots, only those created by members on the various boards. You are free to come and go as you please (although we prefer you let us know so people won't wait for replies). Feel free to register with a main account and chat with us or contact members for plots or to work out any idea(s) you might have. Questions? Feel free to PM one of our admins who will try and help you the best we can.

Fingall Akesh

Fingall Akesh
2 January 2015
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Black hair, gold and black eyes, fair skin. About 1.90 meters tall. Son of a dreamer and a soldier and gladiator. A wanderer. Erratic behavior. Seldom listens. Has knowledge of ages. Son. Father. Brother. Immortal. Eccentric eyes, like smothering coals. Likes motorcycles and dreamcatchers. Never stays. Seldomly attaches. Passionate lover. Holds a storm in his head and a hurricane in his heart.

No Information
Member group Character
Nicknames Flight
Age 30
Birthday No Information
Gender male
Occupation/title endless wanderer
Relationships ---
Current universes The realm of Uropa
Face-claim N/A
Other characters member
Played by nicky
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