alimarije -- I minimalised the site by making just one writing board, all old threads have been moved. If you want your thread to be put back in active let me know.
lauren -- hihi, I replied to the maddie drabble, ali! dunno if we still wanted to do it or not, but it was fun.
lauren -- Ali already saw her reply, but NICKY! Flight reply!
alimarije -- ALSO Lisanne I loved your reply! Going to have fun with those two.
alimarije -- all accounts have been put in the right member group!
alimarije -- OMG LAUREN, I LOVE IT
Lisanne -- I replied to Elaphaea!
lauren -- did a Buria reply, kinda short but hopefully not awful
alimarije -- ELE, HI BB
ELEGANT -- there we go
Belladonna Estrange -- as bella i guess lmao
Belladonna Estrange -- oooo i need to write STUFF
Lisanne -- Ragnar is going to be fooled so hard ghehe xD
Lisanne -- yes, i read it. i love your reply <3 i'll probably reply back sometime this week ;D
alimarije -- replied!
Lisanne -- haha take your time
alimarije -- it might take me some time, fyi haha
Lisanne -- Yay, I'm looking forward to your reply c:
alimarije -- WOOT, going to read the thread, will reply asap!
Lisanne -- Yay, I'll open a thread somewhere tonight or tomorrow ;D
alimarije -- I don't mind, feel free to open a thread for me (english or dutch) and send me a message with the link. And then I'll figure out who fits best to answer with :D
lauren -- But definitely thread with ali if you can, she's an amazing writer. <3
lauren -- I'm going to continue with the threads/drabbles I have going as I can, because I love them, but other than that I can't start any new threads now due to personal stuff going on in my life. :c
Lisanne -- I've other characters who are in need of some drabbles as well, so if you rather prefer one of them, I'm happy to rp with one of them as well :)
Lisanne -- As of now he's active in fair is foul, but I can play him in other similiar medieval/renaissance verses as well, since he likes to travel a lot.
alimarije -- 'm a real slowpoke.
alimarije -- sure, what kind of universe is he in? My Elaphaea could work? But I
Lisanne -- Is anyone interested in a drabble with Vestyn?
Suzerain -- -sneaks in-
alimarije -- please someone, inspire me with a reply, muse is down
lauren -- AHHH OKAY !!!
Nicky -- lauren, I got something, but I need to clean it up first, but my head is messy, so you will have to wait a bit longer, sorry <3 I am really enjoying the pin board thou
alimarije -- all FC's and member group changes have been updated!
lauren -- and no worries, Josie! saw your reply in the thread about being busy, so you can reply to my note whenever you have time. :)
lauren -- that's kind of awesome how that works though <3<3
josie -- sorry i've been mia, work got kinda busy o.O
alimarije -- I always fall back in love with my chars because I take so long to reply LMAO
lauren -- I'm being so slow about it...sorry :<
alimarije -- I hope to do another one within three days LMAO
lauren -- VOUHHHHHH ah<3<3<3
lauren -- do ittttt
Nicky -- @lauren, your pinterest board makes me want to reply to Brim. <3
lauren -- I have to get more done soon T_T
josie -- gotta love that feeling <3
lauren -- Excited to see you around, always welcoming new faces! <3
josie -- <3 love the idea of this place. can't wait to dive in and plot with you all x3
lauren -- Hi!
Darkrise -- hello c:
josie -- hello??
lauren -- HIIIIIiiiiii WELCOME!! <3<3
alimarije -- helloo
krysta -- -peeks in-
lauren -- but sat and maaaarrrrrrr
alimarije -- lmao you know I will never finish them now
lauren -- NOPE, I'm making you finish your replies to get any new ones from me. bc I am mean. xP
alimarije -- Don't worry, reply when you want, I'll reply to the older ones first anyway ^^
lauren -- AHHHH!!! I want to reply to everything so bad, but I have class soon. And I want you to finish before I barrage you again. xD
alimarije -- only 7 more to go LMAO
alimarije -- evan done too! now vouh or satine mhhhh
alimarije -- YAY, glad you liked them, eves is up next
Rhianna4554 -- -peeks-
alimarije -- who are the options to bring??
indi -- but who?!
indi -- mmmm i need to bring characters on here
alimarije -- what kind of universe would suit her best?
f.e.a.r. -- Know where to throw skadi
f.e.a.r. -- I dont knk
alimarije -- i need to write stuff so bad
f.e.a.r. -- hi!
alimarije -- hellooo
alimarije -- hellooo
f.e.a.r. -- peeks in
lauren -- okay, replies for Toast and Doryna up!
Darkrise -- no problem, there's no rush!
lauren -- I'll set Fionn up this weekend and respond to Doryna asap!
lauren -- thank you so much hehe<3<3
alimarije -- your writing is so beautiful
lauren -- okay...NOW i think I've replied to everyone
lauren -- I was very sick today, but tomorrow I am replying for sure
lauren -- omg I am the worst
alimarije -- you forgot this one too hihi <3
alimarije -- I LOVE THEM SO MUCH
lauren -- I forgot Brims wow. will do tomorrow!
lauren -- REPLIES ARE UP YO, and I officially love drabbles
ellen -- CHILDREN!!!!! some shameless plugging from my side i've been working on a new fantasy site and we're starting tumblr site buzz now <3333 you'll prob recognize some names and ideas because i recycled a lot from the earlier fhoa version haha. anyway take a look and even if you dont have time i wanted to share :D
Nicky -- yes! <3
lauren -- ahh yay nicky drabbles are up!!!
lauren -- google photos isn't working for me on here with avatars. :/
beckz -- reply is up, and if befera sees this before dA, i sent you a note!
beckz -- SO SORRY. life got to me and had problems with my older brother and his stupid marriage. replying to nicky and bef and lauren RN!
lauren -- I'm gonna have to find an alternative host. :/
Nicky -- I already wondered where are all your pretty pictures went
lauren -- responded;; my whole online persona is wrecked without dropbox btw
Nicky -- Everybody, please join me in my drabble topic challenge: (if you dare!)
lauren -- -gasps- -blushes furiously-
alimarije -- you are beautiful